Tennessen on creating "universities of life"


What kinds of technologies do we need to build the lives, the communities, and the world that we want? Alumnus Travis Tennesen (PhD ’12) shares this inspiring TEDx Talk he recently gave at Penn State University.

In additon to being a Penn State Geography instructor, Travis is the Executive Director of Sarvodaya USA, a part of the global Sarvodaya movement focused the Gandhian values of service, cooperation, and non-violence.

In this talk, Universities of Life, Tennessen makes the case that new gadgets are not the answer, and that instead we should turn toward simple, elegant, and sustainable social technologies like “universities of life”. A university of life is a place where people voluntarily come together to share their time, labor, resources and knowledge for the collective good. Using examples from Alaska, Costa Rica, and Sri Lanka, Tennessen reveals how universities of life can help us learn, grow, adapt, and thrive in an ever-changing world.

Watch his presentation here.


Author: Geography Staff

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