Summer 2016 Geography Classes

SummerClasses16Registration is now open for Summer 2016 courses. Here are the courses, including three online classes, offered by the Geography Department this summer.

GEOG 170:  Our Digital Globe: An Overview of GIScience (July 11 – Aug 07)
Non-specialist course providing an overview of the collection, representation and use of geospatial data. Introduces students to geospatial technologies like GPS, Google Earth, satellite imagery, and GIS, and provides a critical understanding of the strengths and limitations of spatial representations (e.g., maps, images). ONLINE COURSE

GEOG 309:  People, Land and Food: Comparative Study of Agriculture Systems (May 23 – Jun 19, MTWR 9-12)
Introduction to how and why humans have transformed natural landscapes around the world, including tropical deforestation. The course explores different agricultural systems and topics such as food security, land scarcity, bioenergy, and the impacts of food production on the environment. Syllabus

GEOG 337:   Nature, Power and Society (May 31 – Jun 26, MTWR 1-4)  CANCELLED
Explores the links between nature, power and society in today’s world. The course considers the complex relationships between humans and the earth’s resources, including food, energy, physical materials, water, biota, and landscapes; it considers issues linked to population and scarcity, resource tenure, green consumerism, political economy, environmental ethics, risks and hazards, political ecology, and environmental justice.

GEOG 340:  World Regions in Global Context (Jun 20 – Jul 17)
A survey of development and change within each of the world’s regions (e.g., Africa, Southeast Asia). Attention devoted to environment and society; history, economy, and demographic change; culture and politics; future challenges; key actors.  ONLINE COURSE

GEOG 342:  Geography of Wisconsin (May 31 – Jun 26)
An overview of the physical and human geography of Wisconsin, with an emphasis on the physical, historical, and cultural processes that shaped the Badger State. ONLINE COURSE

Author: Geography Staff