May Graduate Student Defense Talks

Join us in support of the following students as they present their final degree talks over the next 2 weeks.

Zhang_ZidongMonday, May 2:  Zidong Zhang (MS-Cart/Geog)
2:30pm, Hartshorne Room, Science Hall
Mobile VGI for Collaborative Real-Time Vehicle Routing During Big Public Events



Tolochko_RobinFriday, May 6:  Robin Tolochko (MS-Cart/Geog)
10:30am, Robinson Map Library
Contemporary Professional Practices in Web Map Design



mark_cooperMonday, May 9:  Mark Cooper (Ph.D.)
10am, 175 Science Hall
Ethereal Metrologies: Making the New Climate Economy in New Zealand



nestel_chelseaWednesday, May 11: Chelsea Nestel (MS-Cart/Geog)
10am, Trewartha Room, Science Hall
Designing an Experience: Maps and Signs at the Archaeological Site of Troy



Kimambo_NiwaeliFriday, May 13:  Niwaeli Kimambo (MS-Geog)
10am, 175 Science Hall
More People, More Trees: Assessing the ecological and social factors for tree cover distribution along protected montane forests of Southern Tanzania



Vaughan_ElliotFriday, May 13:  Elliot Vaughan (MS-Geog )
10am, 110 Science Hall
Factors controlling soil carbon and nitrogen storage in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands



JessLongWednesday, May 25: Jess L’Roe (Ph.D.)
11am, 175 Science Hall
Land market and land access trends in tropical hinterland – Implications for conservation and development

Author: Geography Staff