Maps Get a New History!

Volume Six of the History of Cartography: Cartography in the Twentieth Century

The History of Cartography Project is pleased to announce the publication of Volume Six in The History of Cartography series. Cartography in the Twentieth Century, edited by Mark Monmonier, uses 529 articles contributed by more than 300 experts and more than 1,100 full-color images to discuss a wide range of topics, including how twentieth-century cartography has been a tool for coping with complexity, organizing knowledge, and influencing public opinion.

On Saturday, April 25th, please join us in Science Hall from 4-7pm to celebrate the release of Cartography in the Twentieth Century. Read more.

28 April Yi-Fu Tuan Lecture

Post-Commodification Theory? Nature, Regulation and Rescaling of Greater Mekong Electricity Networks

Noah Quastel, Department of Geography, University of British Columbia

Commodification theory has been central to geographical political economy and political ecology but there has been little effort to geographize it. While often recognized as an abstract description there have been few tools developed to link abstract accounts to more complex and concrete analysis of actual commodity systems. The need for such analysis is now pressing given new intertwined trends.

4pm, TUESDAY, April 28th in 360 Science Hall