21 Oct Yi-Fu Talk – Historical Geographies for the Present: Stories of Race in Everyday Landscapes

Rich Schein, University of Kentucky, Department of Geography

This talk posits the cultural landscape as foundational to racial formation in the US, and suggests the potential to intervene through landscape in addressing racist practice as a “social wrong.” It will tell stories of particular contemporary landscapes to: first, illustrate landscape sedimentations and discursive continuities around racial themes in order to; second, address the potential of landscape to mediate social conflict before; ultimately, asking questions about who gets to tell landscape stories, how we tell them, who belongs, and what different questions we might ask if we listen to different voices. The talk moves between landscape as an object and landscape as a method for how we negotiate and live in the racialized world.

Friday, October 21st at 3:30, 180 Science Hall.

Science Hall After Dark - November 11th

On Friday, November 11, 2016 we will celebrate 75 years of making maps in Science Hall; we hope you will join us! Click below for more information.