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Yi-Fu Tuan in a classroom

All lectures are presented fully online via Zoom every Friday at 3:30 PM. The link to join the meeting is https://uwmadison.zoom.us/j/99623736476 except when otherwise indicated. Brown bag sessions start at noon on the days there are speakers. Alumni, friends and the public are always invited to attend.


Fall 2006 Lectures

September 15 - Global change, local places: models of individual decision making on the new Mexican frontier
Dr. Steve Manson

Abstract: Humans have long altered the land by clearing forests, farming, and building settlements. The extent of these activities in many places has become environmentally and socially unsustainable. Yet, we know surprisingly little about the nature, causes, and impacts of our changing landscapes. I combine empirical research with computer modeling to advance theory and develop practical knowledge on how this land change is caused by interactions among individuals, organizations, and broader social and environmental systems. I use this approach to conduct comparative research on deforestation in the Southern Yucatan of Mexico. Biographical sketch: http://www.tc.umn.edu/~manson/research.htm Steven Manson is an assistant professor and McKnight Land-Grant Professor of Geography at the University of Minnesota. He received his PhD from Clark University in 2002. He combines environmental research, social science approaches, and geographic information science to understand changing urban and rural landscapes in the United States and Mexico. This work is part of his longer term research on global environmental change, decision making, and understanding complex human-environment systems. Among other things, Dr. Manson was a NASA Earth System Science Fellow, received the Young Scholar Award from the University Consortium for Geographic Information Science, and is a NASA New Investigator in Earth-Sun System Science. Dr. Manson teaches in the areas of geographic information science and spatial analysis of human-environment systems. He is also co-director of UMN's Masters of Geographic Information Science program.

September 29 - Landscape Evolution and the Earliest Modern Humans on the Russian Plains: Geoarchaeology of the Kostenki Localities
Dr. Vance Holliday
Departments of Anthropology and Geosciences, University of Arizona

October 20 - And the Moral of the Story Is.': Fables of Climate Change
Dr. Bill Cronon

October 27 - Challenged by diversity: Biogeography and conservation of tropical landscapes
Dr. Ken Young
Univ of Texas

November 3 - Natural Articulations? Inherited and Entrepreneurial Ecologies in the Neoliberal City
Dr. Alec Brownlow
DePaul University

November 10 - 1400 Years of Forest Alteration in Madagascar by Homo sapiens
Compton Tucker
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

November 17 - Ice age hotspots? Conservation lessons from the last glacial maximum
Dr. Jason McLachlan
Notre Dame

December 1 - Pacific Northwest Fires, Volcanoes, and Forests: Evidence from the past informing the future
Dr. Colin Long