GISPP / Esri Open APIs & Scripting Workshop

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UW – Madison GIS Professional Programs and Esri are excited to bring you a FREE, LIFELONG LEARNING experience here at UW-Madison.

Join us on November 7 — one day after the GeoSummit — for the Esri Open APIs and Scripting Workshop.

The tentative outline is as follows:

  1. Overview of Esri Open APIs and Scripting (9:00 – 10.00 am):In this session, we’ll explore the collection of Esri open APIs, SDKs and scripting in relation to overall ArcGIS platform.  Various resources on how to get started will be reviewed.
  2. Creating web apps using ArcGIS API for JavaScript (10:00 – 12.00 am)::  In this hands-on session you will work with ArcGIS API for JavaScript to create web apps.  You will use the SDK to create maps, graphics, renderers, widgets, watchers & events, promises, auto-casting.

LUNCH 12-1pm

  1. ArcGIS API for JavaScript (1:00 – 2:00) – In this afternoon hands-on session, we will continue to work with ArcGIS API for JavaScript to explore more advanced capability such as creating 3D web app and the use of Arcade scripting language. We will also introduce Web AppBuilder to quickly create web apps.
  2. Creating native mobile app using AppStudio (2.00pm – 3:00 pm): In this session, we will introduce AppStudio, a simple platform that gives us the ability to create native mobile apps.  We will also introduce a wide range of ArcGIS Runtime SDKs used to build native mobile apps from scratch.
  3. Using the power of Python (3:00 – 5:00 pm): In this hands-on session, we will introduce ArcPy and the ArcGIS API for Python to work with maps and spatial data.

Seats are limited. Priority will be given to those attending the GeoSummit on Tuesday, November 6, or affiliated with the GIS Professional Programs. (Location to be announced.)

Please RSVP with your interest at the link below.

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