New book by Yi-Fu Tuan

Yi-Fu Tuan has recently published a new book entitled, “Humanist Geography: An Individual’s Search for Meaning”.

“For more than fifty years, Yi-Fu Tuan has carried the study of humanistic geography—what John K. Wright early in the twentieth century called geosophy, a blending of geography and philosophy―to new heights, offering with each new book a fresh and often unique intellectual introspection into the human condition. Humanist Geography: An Individual’s Search for Meaning, his latest and last book, is a final testament of all that he has learned and encountered as a geographer.

In returning to and reappraising his entire career, from his time as a student to his life’s work as an esteemed writer and university professor, Tuan emphasizes how humanistic geography can offer a younger generation of teachers, students, and scholars a path toward self-discovery, personal fulfillment, and even enlightenment. He argues that in the creative study of geography and of place can be found the wonders of the human mind and imagination, especially as they are understood by the senses.”

The book is published by George F. Thompson Publishing and distributed by the University of Wisconsin Press.

The publisher has also created web essay from friends and colleagues of Yi-Fu Tuan on humanistic geography.

Author: Geography Staff

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