History of Cartography Project awarded NEH grant

Dust jackets: History of Cartography Volumes One and Two (Books One, Two, and Three)The History of Cartography Project has been offered a new grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). The two-year award from agency’s Division of Preservation and Access provides $220,000 in outright funding and another $100,000 in matching, should the Project raise an equivalent amount of private gifts. The grant supports ongoing preparation of the final three volumes of The History of Cartography.

Especially in this time of limited resources, editors and staff of the Project are grateful to receive such generous funding. About the work supported in this round of grants, NEH chairman Jim Leach said “the projects receiving funding today will expand the boundaries of human knowledge and deepen our connection to our past.” The History of Cartography Project has corresponding goals and will use this funding to promote more expansive ways of understanding maps as cultural documents and encourage a wider study of the history of cartography.

The History of Cartography Project is a research, editorial, and publishing venture drawing international attention to the history of maps and mapping. The Project’s major work is the multi-volume History of Cartography series. Its inter-disciplinary approach brings together scholars in the arts, sciences, and humanities. By considering previously ignored aspects of cartographic history, the Project encourages a broader view of maps that has significantly influenced other fields of study.

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Author: Geography Staff

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