County collecting and map perfecting: a glimpse into the mind of Professor Rob Roth

UW cartographers at NACIS 2016 in Minneapolis!

What is your postion at UW Madison?

I am an Assistant Professor responsible for the cartography courses at UW and serve as the Faculty Director of the UW Cartography Lab. Maps Rock!

In what ways is Geography the best discipline for your work?

Geography is an integrative discipline, and allows me to explore societal and environmental problems from a range of perspectives. I wanted to be an architect when I was a little kid and an art teacher in high school: cartography professor is a perfect combination of these interests! My work in cartography allows me to combine my interests in science, art, and design, and apply a hybridized way of thinking to address the world’s most pressing needs.

What led you to UW-Madison?

I grew up in Walworth County, Wisconsin, and called Madison home during my undergraduate years. I consider myself very lucky to be so close to my friends and family. Beyond my local connections, UW has been a historically significant place for cartography and geography, and I’m constantly impressed by the abilities and passion of my colleagues. Madison is the ideal place for me.

Can you describe the group photo?

Rob’s map of travelled and soon-to-be travelled collection of counties.

You can find me in the front row, sixth from the left. The #uwcart alumni network is wide and diverse, and each year we come together at the North American Cartographic Information Society’s annual meeting to talk maps and catch-up.  I’m extremely proud to be part of this alumni network, and equally honored to be guiding its future as faculty in UW Geography.

What is one fun fact about yourself?

I collect counties. For every road trip I take, I plan a route that will take me a way I’ve never been before, collecting newly visited counties and mapping them. It is my exercise in reading the landscape.

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Author: Geography Staff