Spring & Summer 2018 Graduate Degrees


Congratulations to the Geography Department’s Spring and Summer 2018 graduate degree recipients! We are excited to see where these graduates go next, and will follow up with a list of fall graduates later this year.



Eric Nost (P/E) Programming Adaptation: How Modeling Informs Environmental Policy in Louisiana’s Coastal Master Plan

Pao Vue (Xeempov Vwj) (Human) Hmong Livelihood Strategies: Factors Affecting Hunting, Agriculture, and Non-timber Forest Product Collection in Central Laos

Guiming Zhang (Cart/GIS) A Representativeness Directed Approach to Spatial Bias Mitigation in VGI for Predictive Mapping


Aaron Schuck (Cart/GIS) Data Mining For Knowledge-Based Approach for Landslide Susceptibility Mapping



Mohammed Rafi Arefin (Human) Infrastructural Discontent in the Sanitary City: Waste, Revolt, and Repression in Egypt

Ritodhi Chakraborty (Human) The Invisible (mountain) Man: Migrant youth and relational vulnerability in the Indian Himalaya

Michael Eggen (P/E) Climate change impacts to agriculture in the Blue Nile Highlands of Ethiopia

Nick Lally (Human) Coded Governance

Carl M. Lemke Oliver Sack (Cart/GIS) Curriculum Development and Pedagogy for Teaching Web Mapping


David Fastovich (Physical) Temperature Controls on No-Analog Community Establishment in The Great Lakes Region

Han Liu (Cart/GIS) User Experience Optimization in Geo-portals for Data Discovery

Ross Thorn (Cart/GIS) How to Play with Maps

Author: Geography Staff

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