Upcoming Event: UW-Madison Geography Undergraduate Colloquium Presentations 

UW-Madison Geography and Cartography/GIS majors will present their capstone projects from GEOG 565 on Tuesday, December 13th starting at 4:00PM. Please join us in person or virtually to support our seniors and to learn about their fascinating research projects.

Event Information:

When: Tuesday, 13 December 2022 (beginning at 4:00PM)
Where: Room 180 Science Hall -or- Livestreamed on Zoom 
(Remote participants: use Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari to connect to the live stream.  No registration or password is necessary.)

Schedule of Presentations

Session I of II 

4:00     Introductory Remarks
William Gustav Gartner 

4:05     Fast Fashion’s Effects on College-Aged Women: A Case Study of UW-Madison        
Amalia Cabigasy, Claire Harned, Gabrielle Liberatore, and Sophie Michalski 

4:25     Wisconsin Native Identities in Selected Historical Perspective 
Emma Donohue and Tyler Hengst     

4:45     Climate Anxiety in College Students
Ellie Crabb, Sydney Davison, Laura Flucke, and Gavin Maurer 

5:05     The Feasibility and Potential Implementation of Artificial Photosynthesis in Madison  
Eli Ganong, Brice Richardson, and Will Hope 

5:25     The Relationships between Full-Service Ethnic Restaurants and Customer Preferences During
the Covid-19 Pandemic in Madison 
Rachel Ren and Junxian Xu    

5:45       Space, Place, and the Meaning of Local Food at the Dane County Farmers’ Market  
Alyssa Smet, Jeremy King, Laura Klatt, and Sam Thut           

~ Break ~ 

Session II of II  

6:30     Introductory Remarks
William Gustav Gartner 

6:35    How does Access to Green Space Impact Perceptions of Neighborhood Density for Madison
Grace Harvey, Liam Nicol, Natalie Redding, and Maxwell Swift 

6:55     Predicting Rock-Climbing Locations in Wisconsin Using GIS
Drew Smith, Logan DeMars, and Madeline Zwergel            

7:15     Public Perceptions of PFAS in Dane County Lakes and its Influence on Fish Consumption Choices  
Luka Casesa, Lucas Gordy, Noah Sticha, and Lukas Wellenstein 

7:35     Housing Affordability Index Over Time for Single-Family Homeowners in Madison, Wisconsin
Nikko Siegfried and Nolan Niedermeyer 

7:55     Individual Activity Spaces and Overall Awareness of Home Insecurity Issues in the Madison
Metropolitan Area 

Katie Porubcan, Audra Sarver, Caleigh Parsons, and Claire Daffada            

8:15     Student Housing: Needs, Wants, and Shortcomings  
Emilee Hendricks, John Vallo, and Matthew Bettencourt     

Author: Geography Staff