Graduate student groups

beer n loafingBeer ‘n Loafing

Beer ‘n’ Loafing is a series of studiously non-academic presentations for and by graduate students in the Geography Department. It takes place on select Fridays following Yi-Fu Tuan lectures. The slide-show-based presentations cover almost every aspect of student life—trips, fieldwork, classes, recreation, conferences, moose—with the only stipulation that they must be light-hearted. Presenters are urged to inject presentations with anecdotes and participatory games, and attendees are encouraged to give spoken or grunted feedback throughout. Each semester, two grads volunteer to be the Beer ‘n’ Loafing coordinators, alternating between begging and bullying to convince potential presenters. Read a History of Beer and Loafing.


lakeThe Human-Environment Research Discussion/Debate/Dialogue is a group designed to talk about pertinent issues in the sub-field or people-environment geography. Its core is comprised of the people-environment faculty and graduate students(though there are participants from other sub-fields), which meets on a bi-weekly basis to present and discuss our work, to discuss recent articles or books, and to talk more generally about all things human-environment related.

Herd meets regularly on Fridays at noon in the Hartshorne Room of the Geography Library. Anyone interested in our group is encouraged to participate. To confirm the current schedule or to join the HERD mailing list, contact Erin Kitchell.


Physical Geography Interest Group (PGIG) meets to discuss topics relevant to physical geography. The group meets from 12 – 1pm Mondays, 230 Science Hall. Please contact Sharon Kahn for more information.


UNCAGeD (Unique and Novel Collaborations Across Geographic Disciplines) is group that brings together geographers from across the subfields to discuss theoretical and methodological questions. Meeting topics cover ideas as broad as the importance of each sub-discipline to as particular as the ways in which each researcher forms and uses their definition of “landscape.” 

Meetings take place each Thursday from noon-1 pm in room 380 Science Hall. For questions, please contact Sharon Kahn


WIG (Women in Geography) is a several decades old organization that supports and unites women in the department. We organize happy bours, breakfast events, and formal and informal discussions to build a supportive community for women’s research and career development. Recent events have been on topics such as gender and TAing/teaching, work-life balance, and networking. Some events have been for women-identified people affiliated with the geography department, but others are more inclusive in gender and/or disciplinary affiliation.

For questions, information, or to get on the WIG mailing list, please contact coordinators Elsa Noterman and Jess L’Roe.