Lower Wisconsin State Riverway Map

Hi! I’m Christina, a recent graduate from the UW Madison Geography Department. For my senior honors thesis, I created a cultural and natural heritage map of the Lower Wisconsin State Riverway with my advisor, Bill Gartner. Once complete, this map will be available to community members of the riverway in print and online as downloadable pdfs. Its purpose is both to enrich the experience of riverway users and to be a safety tool in case of emergencies.

The final part of my project is employing community mapping, meaning I want your feedback! Please take a look at both sides of the map and comment below on how the features are represented, what features you think should be added to or taken out of the map, or how you feel about the map design. Please keep in mind, the final map is approximately 20 by 40 inches, so the text will be bigger in print than on your screen if you don’t zoom in. You don’t have to be a resident of the riverway to comment. Any and all feedback is appreciated!

Thank you for your time! –Christina Dennis

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Lower Wisconsin State Riverway – Front, High-Res (100MB)
Lower Wisconsin State Riverway – Reverse, High-Res (88MB)

Lower Wisconsin State Riverway – Front, Low-Res (11MB)
Lower Wisconsin State Riverway – Reverse, Low-Res (12MB)