Spring 2018 Trewartha / Odebolt Conference Travel Awardees

The Geography Department is proud to announce the Spring 2018 Trewartha / Odebolt Conference Travel Awardees! All recipients will attend the American Association of Geographers (AAG) annual meeting in New Orleans, April 10-14, 2018.


Mohammed Rafi Arefin

Panel: “Historical Methods for Critical Geography”

Organizers: Elizabeth Hennessy and Levi Van Sant

Panelists: Mohammed Rafi Arefin, Nathan McClintock, Levi Van Sant, Elizabeth Hennessy


Rachel Thayer Boothby

Session: Food Geography 5: Culture and Politics

Paper Title: Pig’s glands, home medicine cabinets, and the US food system



Charles Carlin

Session: Spaces of consciousness: between ordinary and extraordinary experiences

Paper Title: Storytelling, listening, and initiation into an animate landscape



Kelly Wanjing Chen

Paper Title: Speculating Belt and Road: The Role of Brokers in Chinese Overseas Capitalism in Laos




Kramer Gillin

Session: Extracting Eurasia: Power, nature, and space in regional context

Paper Title: “Where is the State? Legal Geographies of Pasture Use in Tajikistan”



William Nathan Green

Paper Title: Assembling Land and Debt Markets in Cambodia




Carly Griffith

Session: Historical Expositions

Paper Title: A Cup of Soil: Probate Reform and Legacies of Federal Indian Property Law



Nick Lally

Paper Title: Mapping the metabolisms of cloud computing infrastructure

Panel Title: Digital Geographies Keynote Panel

Panel Title: Symposium on New Horizons in Human Dynamics Research: Research Agenda in Smart Cities and Urban Computing


Heather Rosenfeld

Paper Session: “Capitalism and anthropocentrism: Beyond the trap of intrinsic/extrinsic value?”

Panel Session: “Speculative forays in Terran ruins: posthuman & fictional possibilities.”



Will Shattuck

Session: Network analysis and geography II: Political Networks

Paper Title: Smallholders and sahai: the Communist Party of Thailand’s lasting impressions on contemporary Thai politics



Danya Al-Saleh

Session title I: Where is the Middle East? Connections, Translations, Convergences

Abstract: The Absence Presence of the Middle East in Geography

Session title II: Difference and Mentoring in Feminist Geography 2

Author: Geography Staff

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