Christian Andresen

Position title: Assistant Professor


Website: Christian Andresen's website

Phone: (608) 890-3792

222 Science Hall


2015-2018 Postdoctoral Research Associate, Los Alamos National Laboratory
2014 Ph. D. Environmental Science and Engineering, University of Texas at El Paso
2008 B. S. Environmental Science, University of Texas at El Paso


Arctic Ecosystems, Remote Sensing, Surface Hydrology, Wetlands, Environmental Change, Carbon Cycling, Geospatial Analytics, LiDAR, Photogrammetry, Unmanned Aerial Systems (Drones)


I am interested in the understanding of Arctic hydrology, ecology and associated land-atmosphere carbon dynamics under the effects of climate change. This includes the evolution of surface hydrology under climate change, interactions with biogeochemical processes and how these relationships influence higher-level environmental patterns and processes. My research is highly inter-disciplinary and combines rigorous, process-based approaches from different fields including hydrology, biogeochemistry, ecology and geomorphology. I use a combination of in-situ sampling methods, multi-scale remote sensing and modeling to pinpoint and evaluate the mechanistic links between climate, hydrology and carbon exchange in the Arctic.

Coupled to my aforementioned work, I have been testing and applying novel remote sensing capabilities such as drone LIDAR to a gamut of environmental applications including geomorphology, plant ecology, archeology, etc. Particularly, I am interested in characterizing landscapes in 3D to better understand how the structural arrangement (e.g. topography, vegetation, etc) effects system-level processes and biochemical cycling.


GEOG 322 – Polar Regions and Their Importance in the Global System
GEOG 120 – Intro to the Earth System
GEOG 475 – Geospatial Technologies- Drones, Sensors and Applications


UW-Madison Center for Climatic Research
UW-Madison Water


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