Kela Caldwell

Position title: Ph.D.

Pronouns: she/her/hers


Advisor: Jenna Loyd


M.S. in Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison

B.A. in Political Science and International Relations, Scripps College


Black geographies, Black feminist geographies, citizenship & struggle, racial capitalism, counter mapping


Loyd, Jenna, Stepha Velednitsky, Ileana Diaz, Sameera Ibrahim, Carla Giddings, Kela Caldwell, Anne Bonds, Roberta Hawkins, and Alison Mountz. (2023) “Dear feminist collective: How does one take up slow scholarship (in the midst of crises)?” Handbook of Methodologies in Human Geography (edited by Mark Rosenberg, Sarah Lovell, and Stephanie Coen).

Bley, Kallista, Kela Caldwell, Meghan Kelly, Jenna Loyd, Robert E. Roth, Tanya M. Anderson, Anne Bonds, Jenny Plevin, Darrin Madison, Christofer Spencer, Trevonna Sims, Chris Archuleta, Zach Ellner, Taylor McDowell, Chelsea Nestel, Elsa Noterman, Nick Smith, Stepha Velednitsky, Nick Underwood, Robert Darlington, Yuqi Gao, Adrian George, Laura Miller, Tim Prestby & Jamp Vongkusolkit (2021) A Design Challenge for Transforming Justice, GeoHumanities.


University of Wisconsin-Madison

Fall 2023 GEOG 305: Introduction to Urban Geography,  Teaching Assistant

Summer 2023 INTL ST 523: Culture and the Global Workplace, Teaching Assistant

2022-2023 INTL ST 101: Introduction to International Studies, Teaching Assistant

2020-2021 GEOG 101: Introduction to Human Geography, Teaching Assistant