Holly Gibbs

Position title: Professor

Email: hkgibbs@wisc.edu




Post-Doctoral Fellow, Stanford University

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison

Post-M.S. Researcher, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

M.S., The Ohio State University


Land Systems Science; Brazil, Colombia, Peru, United States


Holly Gibbs is passionate about leading Land Systems Science that matters for the world. She directs a large research team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where she is a professor in the Department of Geography and the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies’ Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment.  She uses interdisciplinary methods including GIS, remotely sensed imagery, econometrics, data science, and commodity supply-chain analysis, and stakeholder interviews to understand how and why people use land around the world.

Gibbs leads solutions-oriented research about deforestation and agriculture in the Amazon, carbon and land use mapping at the global scale, and land use conservation and sustainable agriculture in the US.  She routinely works with policymakers, companies, and environmental organizations to bring her science into action.  In the classroom, Gibbs has taught hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students about sustainable agriculture and land use change, and how to leverage their unique skills to make change in the world.  She was a H.I. Romnes Faculty Fellow, and previously received the Deans Award for Distinguished Faculty Achievement and the Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award.  Prior to UW, Gibbs was a David H. Smith Conservation Research Fellow at Stanford University.


Geog 309: People, Land, and Food
Geog 930: Range of graduate seminars focussed on land use issues around the world
Env St 600: Consumer-drive Sustainability

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