ASLI Göçmen

Position title: Associate Professor


Phone: (608) 265-0789

Department of Geography & Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies
550 N. Park Street
Room 115G
Madison, WI 53706


Ph.D., Urban, Technological, and Environmental Planning, University of Michigan
Certificate in Spatial Analysis and Geographic Information Science, University of Michigan
Master of Community Planning, University of Cincinnati
Bachelor of City Planning, Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey


My current research program contributes to the broader questions of the relationship between land development and environmental performance, and the effectiveness of policies, processes, and plans in helping create environmentally sustainable (urbanized) landscapes. A central theme in my work is the importance of stakeholders and understanding human dimensions (i.e., the values, attitudes, knowledge, and practices of stakeholders) about environmental sustainability and alternative residential development patterns and how these human dimensions influence land development patterns. My current research projects include an investigation of planner and plan commissioners’ perspectives on environmentally sustainable residential development and an examination of conservation subdivisions for wildlife habitat connectivity and other ecosystem services. My work has been featured in significant journals including Journal of the American Planning Association, Journal of Planning Education and Research, Landscape and Urban Planning, and Journal of Environmental Planning and Management.


Urban and Regional Planning / Landscape Architecture 622: Applications of Geographic Information Systems in Planning

Urban and Regional Planning 841: Planning for the Ecological City

Urban and Regional Planning 590: Planning for Resilience to Natural Hazards

Urban and Regional Planning 590: Geographic Information Systems for Planners (Introductory)


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Current Master’s students: Colleen Henegan (Environment and Resources), Alex Jeffers (Water Resources Management). Former Ph.D. students: Yan Zhang (Urban and Regional Planning). Former Postdocs: Elena Lopez Zozaya Former Master’s students: Haley Briel (Urban and Regional Planning), Gillian Cooper (Urban and Regional Planning), Andrew Mangham (Water Resources Management), Phannisa Nirattiwonsakorn ((Urban and Regional Planning), Teng Heong Ng (Urban and Regional Planning), Phil Rynish (Urban and Regional Planning), Ellen Hildebrand (Urban and Regional Planning), Jacyln Ziebert (Urban and Regional Planning), Hao Fang (Urban and Regional Planning), Sonja Reichertz (Urban and Regional Planning), Jackie Mich (Urban and Regional Planning), Maria Holl (Urban and Regional Planning), Laura Detert (Urban and Regional Planning), Benjamin Wendt (Urban and Regional Planning), Adam Smith (Urban and Regional Planning), Dana Dentice (Urban and Regional Planning), Travis Clemens (Urban and Regional Planning), Sam Shanahan (Urban and Regional Planning), Kevin White (Urban and Regional Planning).