Matt Turner

Position title: Professor


Department of Geography
160 Science Hall
550 N. Park Street
University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI 53706


Ph.D., Univ of California-Berkeley, 1992


Environmental governance, political ecology, savanna/steppe ecology, critical development studies, STS, Africa, remote sensing/GIS


Political ecology, development theory, politics of conservation and conservation science, remote sensing/GIS applications to natural resource management, pastoralism and common property theory, ecology of tropical savanna/steppe vegetation, range ecology


Interdisciplinary L&S 106: Global Poverty: Cross-cultural Perspectives
Geography/EnvSt 339: Environmental Conservation
Geography 355: Africa South of the Sahara
Geography/EnvSt 537: Culture and Environment
Geograpy 766: Geographical Inquiry and Analysis


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Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor (2014-)
Abo S. Sher Faculty Fellow (January 2009-December 2013)
Fellow, John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, September 2002-August 2003
Vilas Associate, University of Wisconsin, Madison July 2002-June 2004


Catherine Day “Climate Adaptation on Southwestern Farms: A Network Political Ecology of Farm Decision-making in a Changing Climate” [completed 8/18]Michael Eggen (co-advised with Mutlu Ozdogan) “Climate Change Impacts to Smallholder Cropping Strategies of Choke Mountain, Ethiopia” [completed 6/18]Kramer Gillin “Livestock Mobility, Pasture Management, and Socio-Environmental Change in Central Tajikistan” Erin Kitchell “Institutional Arrangements for Concerted Resource Management in Agropastoral areas of Senegal and Mali” Jules Reynolds (co-advised with Michael Bell) “Malawi, Maize, and Multiple Knowledges: A multispecies ethnography of climate change knowledge and practice in rural Malawi”Sarah Stefanos (co-advised with Rob Beattie)”Investors, Transnational Institutions, Commercial Agriculture, and Agrarian Transformation in Twenty-First Century Ethiopia” Molly Teague (co-advised with Lisa Naughton) “Cocoa Cultivation and Forest Conservation in Côte d’Ivoire” Emmanuel Urey “Political Ecology of Land and Agriculture Concessions in Liberia” [completed 5/18] Allen Xiao (co-advised with Bob Kaiser) “Encountering Ethnicities in the African City: A Performative Ethnography of Urban Youth”