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Fall 2013 Alumni Updates

Badgers cross paths!  When the Washington state legislature sought expertise in anticipating and adapting to climate change they turned to two of our alumni: Lisa Graumlich (MS ’79) and Jon Riedel (MS ’87).  Despite their parallel careers studying climate impacts in high mountains and currently residing in the same state, their paths had never previously […]

Williams, Muñoz mentor junior from Madison East

There was an unusually young scientist in the Williams Paleovegetation Lab in Science Hall this past summer. After Mason Martinez, a junior from Madison East High School, was accepted into the UW High School Science Research Internship program last spring, he approached Prof. Jack Williams and graduate student, Sam Muñoz, about getting involved with geography/biology/ecology […]

Now you see it: Aerial images reveal sand dunes in the heart of the Badger State

Newly created laser images of central Wisconsin show fields of dunes, most of which have never been seen before, that were blowing in the wind as recently as about 11,000 years ago. “They have been hiding in plain sight,” says Joseph Mason, professor of geography at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. “Most are covered with trees […]

Meet new faculty member Qunying Huang

by Mary Ellen Gabriel, Letters & Science News Qunying Huang studies spatial high-performance cloud computing — sometimes referred to as “cyber GIS.” This mash-up of mapping and technology aids scientists in new discoveries, invites public access to, and advances public knowledge of, geodynamics, plays a role in emergency response planning, and much, much more. The assistant professor […]

Celebrate the 125th Anniversary of Science Hall

When alumni talk about their experiences as students in the Geography Department, they often speak of the fondness they have for Science Hall itself. Once home to all sciences on the UW-Madison campus, Science Hall is steeped in history, mystery and some great traditions that are literally tied to the walls of this grand building. This […]

UW-Madison geography students sweep NACIS digital mapping awards

UW-Madison Geography students and alumni represented big at this year’s North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS) conference. Twenty UW-Madison students alone were on the ground in Greenville, S.C., presenting, organizing and talking maps, joining with many more graduates of our program. It became a bit of a running joke.

Jonathan Goodell awarded McNair Fellowship

Congratulations to junior Jonathan Goodell (Geography, Cartography/GIS ’15) for winning a 2013 McNair Fellowship. The McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program at the UW-Madison awards 25 fellowships annually to high-achieving low-income, minority, or first generation college students to encourage enrollment in graduate studies. The program is designed to prepare undergraduate students for doctoral studies through training seminars, involvement in faculty-mentored […]

UW-Madison & UW-Whitewater partner with state on economic impact map

Written by Sean Kirkby, UW Communications Students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have played a crucial role in developing an online interactive map that shows the economic impact of investments in counties and legislative districts throughout the state. UW-Madison’s Cartography Lab; the State Cartographer’s Office, which operates at the university; and UW-Whitewater’s Pangea Studios collaborated […]

Documenting the history of American Indian agriculture and land‐use in northeastern WI

Senior lecturer Bill Gartner had the privilege of working on the Menominee Reservation this summer as a Co‐PI, with David Overstreet (College of the Menominee Nation), on a project documenting the history of American Indian agriculture and land‐use in northeastern Wisconsin. They have discovered, mapped, and excavated several large raised field and storage pit complexes […]

Jim Knox honored with named fund

During his 43 years as a faculty member at UW-Madison, Jim Knox’s research transformed the field of fluvial geomorphology, opening new avenues that linked his field to broader contemporary environmental issues. To tens of thousands of students, he was a much-loved teacher, explaining not only how streams and soils work, but why we should care […]

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