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Geography 370: Introduction to Cartography

This course provides a general introduction to cartography, broadly defined as the art, science, and ethics of mapmaking and map use. It – and the UW Cartography curriculum in general – focuses upon the design of maps, drawing from research and practice on graphic design, information visualization, and semiotics, perspectives that students are unlikely to receive in other GIS courses. Specifically, the course emphasizes mapmaking over map use (compared to 170) and print mapping over web-based or interactive mapping (compared to 572 and 575, respectively). The course is divided into two components: lectures and labs.

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Spring 2016

Instructor: Meghan Kelly
TA: Zihan Song


Curriculum Overview
G370: Introduction to Cart
G572: Graphic Design
G575: Interactive Cart
G970: Cartography Seminar
Design Challenge
Cart Lab Education Series (CLES)
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Final Projects

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Spring 2019
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#BlackLivesMatter: A Movement

Abigail Alvarez


Trees of the Township of Maple Grove, 1843

Laura Aprill


Physiographic Diagram of the Vermont Republic

Jamie Badams


The Madison Isthmus Bike and Bite: A tour de Forage

Dawson Bancroft-Short


A Vote For Poverty

Andrei Barjoveanu


Consumer Profile Breakdowns by Average Age and Median Income

Michael Braun


Sing, Muse, of that man skilled in all ways of contending...

Casey Cooney


Native America

Allen Druckrey


Show Me the Money: Investment Flows From Country to Country

Shamohn Ellis


The Gryphon routes of northerend

Cavan Faucett


The Dwindling of Native American lands in Wisconsin

Lily Hansen


Running Neenah, WI

Jacob Hrubecky


Death by Poverty

Kyle Jay


Game of Thrones: A Visualization of Family Power

Andrew Kluck


Breaking the Rules: A Medieval View of the World

LauraLee Brott


Nomad Farm

Bradley Meilinger


The Milford Family Farm

Margaret Milford


The Transformation of Che Guevara

Sanober Mirza


America's Great Hiking Trails

Peter Nielsen


Combined Alternative Fuel Distribution Across the United States

Benjamin Polchowski


U.S. Solar Energy: Are we meeting our potential?

Emily Rose


Elevation Visual of The Ironman Wisconsin Bike Course

Joey Sarow


The Trempealeau Archaeology Project

Cody Schmitt


Desiring Distance, Requiring Trade

Sarah Tate


The Languages of Mexico

Ana Wells


The State of American Well-Being, 2015

John Wise


The Modern NHL Fandom

Daniel Wolski


Racing to Economic Equality: Income and Racial Disparities in Dane County

Adelina Yankova


Lean in: Tracking the Worldwide Economic and Political Gender Gap

Kate Zellmer