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Geography 370: Introduction to Cartography

This course provides a general introduction to cartography, broadly defined as the art, science, and ethics of mapmaking and map use. It – and the UW Cartography curriculum in general – focuses upon the design of maps, drawing from research and practice on graphic design, information visualization, and semiotics, perspectives that students are unlikely to receive in other GIS courses. Specifically, the course emphasizes mapmaking over map use (compared to 170) and print mapping over web-based or interactive mapping (compared to 572 and 575, respectively). The course is divided into two components: lectures and labs.

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Fall 2011

Instructor: Robert E. Roth
TA: Chris Cantey


Curriculum Overview
G370: Introduction to Cart
G572: Graphic Design
G575: Interactive Cart
G970: Cartography Seminar
Design Challenge
Cart Lab Education Series (CLES)
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October 2011 Norther Hemisphere Jets and Superpositions

Croix Christenson


Landmine Casualties in Africa

Michael Crichton


The John Muir Trail

John Czaplewski


What is Local?

Casey Dahl


Mapping a Watersheds

Blake Draper


Occupy Protests in the United States

Madeline Emde


The Alphorn-man Triathlon of New Glarus

Jackson Gabriel


The Value of America's Forests

Sarah Graves


The Frontline of the Battle Against Asian Carp Establishment

Erin Hamilton


Edinburgh Marathon

Jacqueline Heller


Species: What are some likely factors?

Julia Janicki


Refereeing: Technique and Positioning

Morgan Jarocki


The Dirty Truth About Coal

Amanda Kannard


Wisconsin: Protect Your Waters, Test Your Waters

Katherine Kelly


How Many Big Macs Can you Buy?

Greg Lehner


Spain's Influence on the World

Ari Malman


America's Best Universities 2011

Masrudy Omri


How Much has Changed Since Reunification?

Marie Pichler


America's Pastime?

Bryan Plaster


Where we Live, Where We Work

Margaret Raimann


Journey to the West: Chinese Travellers to South Asia

Shagun Raina


Reconstructing Iraq, Summer 2003

David Rhoten


Water On the Line

Carl Sack


Mammal Diversity of North America

Grace Shellinger


The Appalachian Trail

Jessica Shen


Running the World Dry

Lizzi Slivinski


Protecting the Penokee Range from Irresponsible Iron Mining

Christy Stamos