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Geography 370: Introduction to Cartography

This course provides a general introduction to cartography, broadly defined as the art, science, and ethics of mapmaking and map use. It – and the UW Cartography curriculum in general – focuses upon the design of maps, drawing from research and practice on graphic design, information visualization, and semiotics, perspectives that students are unlikely to receive in other GIS courses. Specifically, the course emphasizes mapmaking over map use (compared to 170) and print mapping over web-based or interactive mapping (compared to 572 and 575, respectively). The course is divided into two components: lectures and labs.

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Spring 2012



Curriculum Overview
G370: Introduction to Cart
G572: Graphic Design
G575: Interactive Cart
G970: Cartography Seminar
Design Challenge
Cart Lab Education Series (CLES)
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Final Projects

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Air Quality Improvements Under the Cross-State Air Pollution Rule

Matthew Bougie


Menomonee River Valley: (Milwaukee, WI), Redeveloping Old Industrial Milwaukee

Brad Bruun


Dust In The Wind

Colin Ehlert


The Scouting Report

Kendall Grimm


Changing Media Landscape and Advertising Expenditure

Allison Grumley


Cold Wat II: Arctic Warming and the Race for Oil in the High North

Jeffrey Hammond


Cultural Landscape of New York

Justin Hollister


Federal Taxes Paid vs Funding Received

Daniel Hudec


The Weight of Outside Civilizations

Greg Ippolito


2012 Cannes Film Festival

Bennett Johnston


Land Rush in Africa: FDI in Agricultural Land, 2006-2011

Erin Kitchell


Treading Water: The Dutch Reliance on Water Management

Steven Krueger


Form Is Temporary, Class is Permanent

Bryan Labissoniere


Tourism in Africa

Megan Leininger


The Price of Peacekeeping

Molly Lloyd


Taste, Tracks Carp, and Time in the States

Brit Lucas


Late Archaic Period Native American Material Selection and Exchange in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Fernanda Neubauer


Different Regions, Different Fire Regimes

Kate Prengaman


Loaded for Bear: Wisconsin Black Bear 2010 Hunt Statistics

Brennan Price


How Income and Distance Affect Health Food Accessibility in Madison, WI

Chloe Quinn


Taking Flight: A Brief History of the Growth and development of Disc Golf

Ian Schelly


Migration and Rubber in Souther Thailand

Will Shattuck


A statistical analysis of the transition to a free market

Aubrey Trebilcock


Recruiting is Half the Battle

John Veldhuis


The Silent Killer: Radon

Shasta Vercauteren


Major Threatened Coral Reefs

Grace White


Shifting Landscapes: Changes in Wisconsin Farms

Andrew Wilk


Madison Bus Routes

Anna Wyatt


Change in Autism Rate according to Change of School Funding

Yeon Yim