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Online Advanced GIS Capstone Certificate Program


Already know GIS? Do you want to take your skills to the next level? Ready learn GIS scripting and mobile mapping? 

Fantastic News! This program is designed for you.

The 100% Online Advanced GIS Capstone Certificate offers you the conceptual and methodological knowledge of advanced GIS technology. Better yet? You pick which concepts and technologies you want to learn!

It’s simple.

  1. If you have a background in GIS already, you apply.
  2. Once accepted, you pick any three of our upper-level online courses and enroll in at least one course per semester.
  3. You pass and ask your boss for a raise! 😉

Can’t get enough and want to keep learning more, you can transfer all 12 credits into our Online GIS Master’s Program.

Ready to join us?




 An undergraduate degree

3.0+ GPA

2 GIS/Cartography courses

1 Statistics/Quantitative Methods course


The Advanced Capstone Certificate provides you the opportunity to advance your competency in the following areas:

 Map Design

 UX/UI Design

 Interactive Geovisualization


 Spatial Analysis

 Spatial Programming

Choose any three online courses from the catalog (12 credits maximum allowed). No capstone project is required.

CHOOSE 3 COURSES (12 credits total):

  • Geog 378: Intro to Geocomputing, 4 cr.
  • Geog 572: Graphic Design in Cartography, 4 cr.
  • Geog 574: Spatial Databases, 4 cr.
  • Geog 575: Interactive Cartography & Geovisualization, 4 cr.
  • Geog 576: Spatial Web & Mobile Programming, 4 cr. (Pre-req: G378)
  • Geog 579: GIS & Spatial Analysis, 4 cr.

Visit our Curriculum page for course descriptions.


Gainful Employment Act Disclosures

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UW-Madison Capstone Certificate programs are a collaboration between the Graduate School and the Division of Continuing Studies.

GIS Capstone Certificate students are considered to be graduate-level students. However, Capstone Certificate students enroll into the university through the Division of Continuing Studies, Adult Career & Special Student Services Office — not via the Graduate School. Thus they are officially labeled University Special Students. 

Though Capstone Certificate coursework is graduate-level, Capstone Certificate students are not admitted to the Graduate School. Thus, their studies will not lead directly to a graduate degree or graduate certificate. (Though, the capstone certificate credits may be transferred and applied to future GIS graduate programs at UW–Madison.)

Students may not be simultaneously enrolled in both a Graduate and a Capstone Certificate program at the University of Wisconsin.

See the Division of Continuing Studies’ Capstone FAQ page for general information about Capstone Certificates at the UW-Madison.

Questions? Of course you have some. Please don’t hesitate to ask us.