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Williams, Muñoz mentor junior from Madison East

There was an unusually young scientist in the Williams Paleovegetation Lab in Science Hall this past summer. After Mason Martinez, a junior from Madison East High School, was accepted into the UW High School Science Research Internship program last spring, he approached Prof. Jack Williams and graduate student, Sam Muñoz, about getting involved with geography/biology/ecology […]

UW-Madison & UW-Whitewater partner with state on economic impact map

Written by Sean Kirkby, UW Communications Students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have played a crucial role in developing an online interactive map that shows the economic impact of investments in counties and legislative districts throughout the state. UW-Madison’s Cartography Lab; the State Cartographer’s Office, which operates at the university; and UW-Whitewater’s Pangea Studios collaborated […]

Geography holds “Cartography Major” at Grandparents University

In late July the Geography Department hosted a two day “Cartography major” in coordination with the Wisconsin Alumni Association’s annual Grandparents University. This award-winning, two-day program is a chance for children (ages 7 to 14) and their grandparents to come together and learn with and from each other on the UW-Madison campus. Participants in our […]

SCO to develop statewide address and parcel data for broadband mapping

The State Cartographer’s Office (SCO) has received funding to develop statewide address and parcel data to assist the broadband mapping efforts of the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW). The project, which runs from July 2013 until June 2014, will aggregate county address point and parcel data into statewide GIS layers with $168,000 in federal […]

WI State Cartographer’s Office creates online pronunciation gazetteer

Can you pronounce Nanaweyah Ominihekan (an unincorporated town in Shawano Co, WI)? Are you pronouncing Shawano correctly for that matter? Our WI State Cartographer’s Office (SCO) has created a tool to help. Pronounce Wisconsin is an online mapping application that includes pronunciations for more than 1,700 cities, counties, villages and unincorporated communities. State Cartographer, Howard Veregin, sees the application […]

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