Citing the History of Cartography
A complete guideline of how to cite the books of The History of Cartography. 

Useful Links
Cartographic resources that may be of interest to visitors of the History of Cartography Project website.

Map exhibits at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

Exploratory Essay Initiative
A collection of research papers prepared by contributors to Volume Six that were published in a special issue of Cartography and Geographic Information Science (CaGIS) Volume 29, Number 3 (July 2002), guest edited by Mark Monmonier and David Woodward. These papers formed a foundation for Volume Six itself.

Literary Selections on Cartography
An archive of the History of Cartography Project broadsheet series.

Newsletter Archive
A list of past newsletters and links to view their PDFs.

David Woodward Memorial Fellowships
Former fellows and information about the David Woodward Memorial Fellowship in the History of Cartography, Institute for Research in the Humanities University of Wisconsin–Madison (2001-2014).

UW-Madison Cartography Lab
Learn more about the University of Wisconsin’s Cartography Lab and the students that prepare reference maps and line drawings for the History of Cartography series.