Acknowledgement in the published volumes

We greatly appreciate and recognize every supporter in the front of the books, and sometimes friends ask how that print acknowledgement works. Personal donations are essential, even during production, so you can help with both Volumes Four and Five. Thank you!

History of Cartography Project giving categories are listed below. To appear in or to move to a higher category for Volume Four:

  • Give or pledge before September 2018.
  • Make a gift of any amount—we will put it to good use.
  • Make a gift that moves the total of any previous contributions across a category threshold.
  • Contact us to set up a pledge that includes support for Volume Four.

Beth Freundlich in the Madison office can help (more details below).

Giving Categories

Group recognition is generally determined by total gifts sent during the period we focused on a specific volume. However, those who have been able to donate $5,000 or more since the Project began are acknowledged in one of the lifetime supporter categories and are listed in all future publications.

Lifetime supporters are listed in all forthcoming volumes
Associates: $150,000 and above (cumulative)
Sponsors: $15,000–$149,999 (cumulative)
Founders: $5,000–$14,999 (cumulative)
Volume-specific listings
Benefactors: $1,000–$4,999
Patrons: $250–$999
Friends: $100–$249
Additional supporters

Questions? Pledges? Status? If you want more information, are considering a pledge, or would like information about your giving history, contact Beth at or 608-263-3992

Prefer to be anonymous? Memorial gift? Other format? For Volume Four, contact Beth before September 2018—especially if you do NOT want your name listed or want to talk about how your name will appear.