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Jim Knox honored with named fund

During his 43 years as a faculty member at UW-Madison, Jim Knox’s research transformed the field of fluvial geomorphology, opening new avenues that linked his field to broader contemporary environmental issues. To tens of thousands of students, he was a much-loved teacher, explaining not only how streams and soils work, but why we should care […]

125th Anniversary of Science Hall

When alumni talk about their experiences as a student in the geography department, they often speak of the fondness they have for Science Hall itself. Once home to all sciences on the UW-Madison campus, Science Hall is steeped in history, mystery and some great traditions that are literally tied to the walls of this grand building.

Researchers find dams change downstream vegetation, create predictive model for red cedar invasion

Prior to the 1950s, the mighty Missouri River would annually flood. The slow march of waters across the valley distributed fertile sediment for agriculture, but also fueled a mutualistic relationship with the river valley’s vast stands of cottonwood trees. These trees support wildlife, provide the river with important nutrients to fuel aquatic life, and support […]

Alumni Spotlight: Allison Hegan, B.A. ’10

Alumna Allison Hegan (nee Kleine) finds fulfillment using the written word to bring attention to the earth’s most urgent environmental and conservation issues. Allison graduated in 2010 with a B.A. in Geography (People-Environment) as well as Environmental Studies and African Studies certificates. Originally from the Los Angeles area, her love of travel and ecosystem exploration has […]

Tim Bawden remembered

Timothy Bawden (Ph.D. ’01), professor of  geography at UW-Eau Claire and much loved former graduate student of this department, passed away unexpectedly in April. Tim was a long-time denizen of the dissertator’s office overlooking Langdon Street on the fifth floor of Science Hall. In August, former grads, staff, and faculty gathered in room 550 to place […]

In Memoriam: Timothy Bawden (1965-2013), a “natural” geographer

In August, former graduate students, friends, and family gathered in room 550 Science Hall in memory of alumnus Tim Bawden who passed away unexpectedly earlier in the year. The following is the text and picture from the memorial plaque that now hangs on the dissertator’s office door. You can also view the actual poster here. Tim Bawden […]

Geography holds “Cartography Major” at Grandparents University

In late July the Geography Department hosted a two day “Cartography major” in coordination with the Wisconsin Alumni Association’s annual Grandparents University. This award-winning, two-day program is a chance for children (ages 7 to 14) and their grandparents to come together and learn with and from each other on the UW-Madison campus. Participants in our […]

SCO to develop statewide address and parcel data for broadband mapping

The State Cartographer’s Office (SCO) has received funding to develop statewide address and parcel data to assist the broadband mapping efforts of the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW). The project, which runs from July 2013 until June 2014, will aggregate county address point and parcel data into statewide GIS layers with $168,000 in federal […]

Holly Gibbs awarded grant to enhance food sustainability classes

Holly Gibbs was awarded a SIRE grant from the UW Office of Sustainability to integrate teaching with research on food sustainability. Gibbs will use the grant to expand her People, Land, and Food (Geog/ES 309) and Consumer-Driven Sustainability (ES 600) courses to include service learning projects aiming to develop metrics of campus food sustainability. The Sustainability Innovation in Research and Education (SIRE) grants […]

Charting a map library’s transition to the digital age

July 16, 2013 by Jenny Price, UW News  | Photos: Bryce Richter In stories, maps lead to treasure. But in real life, maps are the treasure. They reveal history, showing us how we once viewed our world, and help us understand the world as it exists now. And sometimes they hold mysteries of their own. On a […]

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